Shirt | Wildfox Couture

Disco Shorts | American Apparel

Boots | Jeffrey Campbell

I have to admit that as much as I love my sky high platforms I love my moto boots and hats. The masculinity adds a certain femininity to outfits. I really fell in love with the character from Inglorious Bastards, Shosanna, played by Mélanie Laurent. There is something so beautifully simple about the way she tips her hat to one side and gently smokes her cigarette in the coffee parlor . All that I need (especially while traveling)  is some blush, rouge lipstick, boots that click, and a hat to top it off. Pair that with some fresh slacks and comfy tee and that is the perfect outfit.


Cotton Candy Skies




Disco Shorts | American Apparel
Wayfarer | Ray Ban
Hologram Platforms | Jeffrey Campbell

I grew up in a town of sunrises and sunsets… Where the sunset marked the beginning of my morning. We roamed the neon streets orchestrating our music letting it blast through pink roads, waiting for the cotton candy sunrise to mark the ending of our stampede only to repeat. A place where you are propped up beachside with plastic umbrellas in your super sized daiquiri making you feel like Malibu Barbie sitting in your daiquiri poolside waiting for a slide to be delivered so you can just slide into your drink. Neon lights line white walls parallel to the sea side and skate boarders run sex wax making the air fill with the scent of coconuts and salt.

Fallen Leaves in a Kimono

Kimono : H&M

Lace Slip : Nasty Gal

Floppy Hat : RVCA

Happy 4|20

Four Twenty





Skirt :H&M

Shirt : Zara

Boots : Jeffrey Campbell

Bag : Coach

Black as Black



Skirt : Unif

Boots : Jeffrey Campbell

Purse : Zara

Sunnies : Ray Ban

It is only about once in a lifetime that we make a great change. An alcoholic knows his life living from one bottle to the next, a New Yorker knows their home as New York. It is too rare that we do something that makes our bones rattle, whether it may be the unfamiliar or something so close to home it scares the shit out of us. It is the difference that changes us, surprises the world as they watch the great leap. Making one day different than the next, not letting us blend into the crowd. We are the people of the future, so do that that you fear the most. We all know music is god, but once in a while you witness a miracle and hear a song that become your muse. Makes you want to get up and go, to never live the same again and you never want that feeling to stop.

Home sweet home


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