When she was a child she asked her nanny if there was ever a child who was born from sadness. The nanny looked down at her, took a heavy breath and begun to explain. There was once a young woman who all she ever wanted was to be loved. One day a quiet boy stepped into her class room and her stomach filled up and she knew he was the one. He played guitar and loved the Beatles. She spent everyday with him after school. He would bike to her house and they would lay in the field behind it with the rose bushes gazing at the sky, trying to figure out the shapes in the clouds. One day he didn’t show up to school. His best friend, Steve walked up to her and she could read his friend’s eyes. The friend held her for a long time. She asked how he did it and his friend wiped her tear drenched hair from in front of her face and asked if she wanted to get out of there. They married a year later and bore a little girl. The child was born from sadness, the nanny explained.

Wildfox Sea Witch Arizona dress (most comfy dress ever)

Spike Jeffrey Campbell Lita


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