A touch of color on a cloudy day






This skirt I purchased over a year ago on a vacation in a small boutique in Colorado where I also made my first Wildfox Purchases. The skirt is by a company called Gypsy 05. Gypsy 05 is a company based in Hollywood. They are a green company whose influences come from nature and hope to send the message to recycle, reduce, and re-planet. I love companies such as this one that try to make a positive difference. This skirt was hand dyed and is so light and airy, I feel like a fairy when I wear it.

Skirt : Gypsy 05

Bustier: Nasty Gal

Purse: Vintage


2 thoughts on “A touch of color on a cloudy day

  1. Your style is amazing keep up the good work!
    Are you from Chicago? Because if you are you def. need to be my shopping buddy lol

    • Aww thanks! Yes I am from Chicago, I love in Florida now but travel back and forth! I’d love to check out some cool shops in Chicago! Ill let you know when I go! Keep in touch 😉 Xx

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