Eight Days A Week


Wildfox sweater

Jeffrey Campbell Big Lita

Deena & Ozzy hat

Sunglasses: Nastygal

Ping on Pong lived in a small house in the the middle of the forest in the big city. They built it trying to escape the drearies and the normals. They built their house of stone and Ping would wear her tulle ballet skirts or thigh high stockings with rooftop reaching platforms. Pong had a Bob Marley quote  tattooed on him and Ping had a Shakespeare quote from Romeo and Juliet tattooed on her rib cage. Pong wrote songs about Ping walking in the woods with her rabbit, Velveteen and Pomeranian named Izzy Pop and how they wouldn’t come home until Ping found a rainbow or what she thought without doubt, a unicorn. Pong watched Ping fall asleep to the Marie Antoinette movie with cupcakes spilling down her blue icing skirt as Izzy Pop and Velveteen nibbled on her dessert. She fell asleep at night spilling moscato wine on her which only would make her taste sweet the next day. Pong played Beatles records in the morning because he loved how Ping would dance around and sing to herself. Pong married Ping with all of the animals in the forest watching. He slipped a magical ring strung by two doves out of their love nest around Pings tiny finger and kissed her gently vowing to love her eight days a week. He hoped this would last.


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