I’ve Got the Black and Blues


Vintage Gianni Versace Leather Skirt

Deena & Ozzy Hat

Foxy Jeffrey Campbells

Nasygal bone ring

Handmade Drop Acid  Jacket

Vintage John Lennon Sunnies

Ive had this leather skirt since I can remember and never wore it because I thought it looked like a plastic bag on my skinny ass. Ive contemplated selling it because I remember receiving it one year for Christmas from my mom when she would buy me clothing from Sax Fifth and knew it must be worth something. I recently shortened it and am much more confident in it and am able to wear it out. I wore it for this shoot and went to look at the label and realized to my surprise, it was a Versace! I have had these sunglasses, also from my flower child mom since childhood.


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