☽ Moon∵・⁎Child ☾

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Moon Child Tee | High Heels Suicide

Floppy Hat | RVCA

I really fell in love with the brand High Heels Suicide. This tee especially is super comfy and washes well which is a huge plus for me. I had the honor of met LA of High Heels Suicide while she was promoting in Miami and I on my way to Wynwood’s Art Basel, and I have to say  she is just as quixotic as her clothing line. Ranging from pink beanies with rainbow unicorns to cardigans with the sketch of a skeleton on the back. The popular items like this tee tend to run out fast to get your paws on them as soon as you can!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and great start to a new week. I read a quote the other day that said if the weeks blend together than you are not living everyday to the fullest. This weekend was full of seashells, coffee, jazz, mimosa, art, Jack and Coke, live music, blues, french toast, asian burritos, and love. I ventured to FAT Village Art Walk which is a district lined with artist lofts and warehouses converted to art space. Once a month they open up their garages and you are free to experience the art, live vendors, jewelry, cheap food and free drinks. Drank red wine and listened to jazz till late in the night. Then we ventured to Fort Lauderdale Beach to shoot Sunday and decided to end it with bottomless Bloody Mary’s and mimosas at the Atlantic Hotel on A1A then splurged with french toast and eggs benedict! Lets just say these days have not been blending together at all. They are all filled with different hues of light.







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