Iron Maiden

Leather Jacket | Victoria Secret
Workin Q Boots | Jeffrey Campbell
Sunnies | Nasty Gal
90’s Choker + Bracelete | The Cobra Snake
She is a small blonde who grew up with tall palm trees next to the big Atlantic Ocean. She loves to rescue animals and can’t count how many she has. She doesn’t like others to know how big her heart really is. She stomps around in leather boots, drives a challenger named “The Black Dahlia” blasting her music, smoking cigarettes and drinking Jack like all the boys. All she ever wanted was to love and be loved. This you’d never know, telling boys she’d never marry, never have children, never be that girl. She fell for all the wrong ones. Surfer boys with angel curled hair who only care about catching the next wave (girl), musician boys who can make your heart flutter with a single verse and break it with the same ease. Dark haired pale poets who just wanted her to be their muse, stealing all that made her beautiful.
Every time she just drove harder and loved less.

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