My Beauty Essentials



Hey there kitties just thought since I haven’t had much time this week to so my outfit posts so I thought I would share some of my beauty essentials with you! First and foremost.. I love Aveda.. All Aveda products, salons, and Stylists (magicians) are absolutely life changing. There is something about going in and having all natural dyes and products on my hair that gets me off you know?? My hair has seriously grown at least 6 inches since using their hair products and my skin is flawless after I splurged one day and picked up their everywhere Lavender Oil that you can use all over your body and completely face safe and decided to switch to their face scrub as well and it’s amazing. I normally buy the damage remedy shampoo and conditioner but decided to try their cheaper shampoo and really love the shine that it adds to my hair! Also I don’t wash everyday and just use on my roots so this bottle lasts me months. Just a little pointer if you’re on a budget then the students at the Aveda Institute works wonders and they have a mentor that comes around to make sure they aren’t buzzing your hair off (I kid).

Now to the makeup. I live in Florida so as you know the humidity is off the charts and the second you walk outside you are hit with a heat wave so I steer away from using heavy makeup and rarely wear concealer unless covering up a blemish. I love the NYX line because the products are long lasting, great wear, and really reasonably priced (and they come in sleek black packaging yumm!). I also fell in love with Stila cosmetics for the same reasons.. (Not pictured here) but the NYX matte lipsticks are amazing and just tried the liquid matte that I love. I grabbed these Cover Girl products, the mascara and black eyeliner. I rarely wear waterproof because it’s so hard to get off without makeup remover and I just use lotion to remove my makeup or my Aveda oil.. I just believe it’s always better to moisturize (even in this humidity!)

Well there you have it! Some of my beauty secrets! I hope you enjoyed and would love any feedback!


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