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Skirt | HM
Top | Bebe
Shoes | Nasty Gal Shoe Cult
 Floppy Hat | RVCA
Sunnies | Ray Ban
I am fortunate enough to live in someplace known as paradise. Not far from where some of the greats such as Hemingway came to be secluded. I try to make it down to the Florida Keys once a year, just to relish in the place that I live. Time sort of stops down there. Thinking back to the Beach Boys and wondering why they stopped in Key Largo. My boyfriend and his buddies from Arizona rented a house in Islamorada for the weekend and we had such a blast. We enjoyed Key Lime martinis at Holiday Isle which is a bar connected to a hotel on the ocean. Just off the coast of the bar you are able to kayak or boat out to a sandbar where vacationers and locals plop themselves down for the day in the sand with their pups and a beer. We ventured over to a well known spot to find gourmet food and watch the sunset known as Pierre’s. Pierre’s usually has a fire dancer and ended the night with fireworks and a huge island Conga Line. It was really a magical weekend ending with a game of drunken King’s and a photo shoot the following morning at Pierre’s where the palm trees grow over the ocean.


Holiday Isle


Pierre's Pierre's


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