In the Land of Milk and Honey

Jumper | Shop Akira
Floppy hat | RVCA
Platforms | Litas | Jeffrey Campbell 
Sunnies | Ray-Ban
Photography : Anthony Calla
They flew down the Overseas Highway in the darkness where the “Drive Safe” signs littered the ditches. She thought of his father driving that day, face pressed against the glass. 5, 6, 7,…13,…19,… she lost count surrounded by what she knew must be ocean, smelling the salted air. All she could see was black and blue paired with the flash of passing by cars. Maybe it was better this way she thought.
I really love this jumper. At first when I saw it in the window I thought it was a dress and after pulling it down I saw that it had legs with slits. I’ve never seen anything like that and was discouraged at first until I tried it on! I had a Veronica Livingstone from “Anchorman” moment where Ron Burgundy tells her she has the an absolutely  breathtaking hiney and wants to be friends with it. Oh yeah it was that GOOD! I have to say, being given small breasts, (not to toot my own hornmy badonkadonk is my biggest asset and this jumper from Shop Akira Chicago truly does it justice. Thanks Shop Akira!

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