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Shoes: Converse

Sunnies : Ray Ban

Flannel Shirt : Shop Akira


Sometimes you have to fight for what you want in life because its not going to just fall in your lap. Sometimes seemingly simple things to others can be one of your biggest fears or obstacles. Lately I’m learning how to fight for what I truly believe in for myself, something that I haven’t had to do for a while. Moving to a new city and aspiring to finish school here in Chicago but not receiving support from anyone else and regretfully not putting my proper stones in place to support myself I am left with a major decision of how to make this happen and am lucky to have my fiancé who is willing to back me up 100% on any choice I have to make to put myself through school to come out the other end with my completed degree. 

Lately I have been feeling very rebellious like a teenager again so I’ve reverted back to my Converses which are super comfy to walk around in and my fiancé is always trying to get me to wear jeans, tee and sneaks, I guess I have to take it as a compliment… I named the title of this look ‘”B.C. I.J.D.G.A.F.” which is shortened version of “because I just don’t give a fuck” because of my attitude lately and feel that it is a great title for this grunge teenage 90’s look. 

Also I am sporting a super soft, super in this fall, flannel shirt that I chose to wrap around my waist in some shots. 

This flannel is from Shop Akira, which is a Chicago brand. I purchased this shirt in store but they have many items available online. I also purchased my favorite tall Workin Q Jeffries from them, they often have rare Jeffries that are sold out everywhere else online. 


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