The Past Year at a Glance



The past year has been full of fall leaves the color of sunrise, meetings in coffee shops other than Starbucks, eating raw oysters, drinking champagne, wandering down roads that famous writers such as Hemingway, gangsters, singers, artists all shared. Running down Michigan Ave and Lakeshore Drive makes me feel like I’m not too far from the ocean even though it is an illusion and is just an oversized lake. Staying warm through the chilling nights with bourbon and and snuggling close to my fiancé. The Chicago Art Institute is free on Thursdays to Chicago residents and I wander down the same hallways pictured in Ferris Bueller, my favorite is the impressionism, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, and on the other spectrum Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock… Jewelry and makeup from Cleopatra in the Egyptian period, I would spend hours in awe.

There is no denying the magic that this city possess… but I have grown cold, something that I am not accustomed to, and not only by the cold summer days and freezing winter nights, the people on the street turn you cold. Children are being shot everyday, women robbed on the subway, you learn to not smile. You evolve into someone else. The city does that to you. You arrive so warm hearted that you give a man $20 for a train ticket home only to spot him days later begging people for more, he sees you too and turns away remembering your kind face. I miss the warm sun of Florida, my mothers embrace on those tough days, the ocean and the feeling of being nothing in an infinite body of water as you run into manatees and sea turtles like a mermaid having a tea party… The art and jazz and bourbon can’t keep you as warm as you hopped..


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