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She was born in the wild wild west on the fourth of July. She grew up with horses named Pink and Floyd. She learned to check her boots for snakes and scorpions when she first started walking. She was the fastest shoot in the west and no cowboy dared to challenge her in fear of leaving with some of his manhood not in tacked. She lived in an adobe style home with a large wooden carved front door, a saguaro cactus in her front yard, and stucco wall with cut out windows. In her bedroom lay a bed on a stucco platform, a rain stick propped up in the corner, a cow skull hung above her mattress. She drank tequila and watched old westerns all day while the dust storms howled outside. She wore Buffalo Turquoise laid in silver that came from the Native Americans on the reservation. 

Shoes : Zara

Hat : Minnetonka

Hand Bag : Crocodile print : Paul’s Boutique

Top : Zara

Photos by Anthony Calla


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