Tropical Winter Days


What better ways to spend the chilly summer nights in the city than in a summer dress and fur coat. We try to stay happy by eating out. These days hold joyful minutes and the next you find yourself depressed. It seems like every two steps I take I can one and half back. Feeling like I am moving through molasses.. I am also made friends who I consider my family, people who love and support me no matter what. I have learned that life is too short to keep negative people in your life and one day you wake up and don’t want them there anymore. 

Finding myself going back to school and reevaluating my finances I am finding free or affordable events through out the city. Jazz music resonates through out Grant Park every Thursday night, I run down Michigan Ave., through the Lakefront, around the Planetarium and up to the pier. Every night after 5pm its free to enter the Chicago Art Institute until close at 8pm. I have been reading a book based on Ernest Hemingway’s life and first wife. The beginning  taking place exactly where I live today, right next to the old Dearborn Station on Printers Row.

Dress : Missguided

Shoes : Missguided

Aviators : Ray Ban

Shoulder Bag : Coach


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